Vinasha Kaale Vipareetha Buddhi – Part 2 – 5th Standard

One of the most favourite timepass of mine any day is whistling. It not only helps me pass time on really boring days, but has also got so embedded in my sub-conscious that although I would be involved in very serious works like examinations, I would without my knowledge start whistling while writing much to the dismay of those around me. The arrogance I once had is the cause for this wonderful habit(wonderful according to me) of mine.

It all started during a class being taken by Shruthi maam(she used to teach us Maths then), when she was taking a class just before Sports Time(the sports time was the months of November to almost mid-Jan, when hardly any classes used to take place and all the days used to be spent playing when we were not practising for Sports Meet). She too got bored of taking the class and besides nobody was even interested in the class, so she decided to spice things up a bit. She asked us to guess what music there would be for our drill that year. Nobody could guess, and she revealed that it was to be a ‘film song’ theme of the then chartbuster “Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast”. No sooner had she completed this, the class broke into a clamour, and she had to shout on the top of her voice to even be heard, finally she got the class quiet and told us it was a secret and that we were not supposed to leak it to anyone.

She was going to elaborate more on it when she was called away from the class on some work. In the meantime, somebody started whistling the tune of that song in the class. I really didn’t bother because my favourite pastime of all-time used to be sleeping. The moment I got any chance, I would just go into sleep. So I took a short nap, before maam came back in. It so happened that this guy(girls were ‘very’ disciplined then, and would never resort to such things), continued to whistle since he didn’t know maam had come back in. He managed to just stop when she reached her table. She immediately turned around and began to ask “who was that whistling?”. Naturally nobody answered, and besides those weren’t the days when the new guys had joined. Guys who would sell us out to the Faculty just to look good in their books. Guys who would grow in life, only by trampling the existing guys. So nobody answered. She got really infuriated(as it is, she had a really short temper) and started bashing up whoever was within her reach(that’s one of the disadvantages of sitting in the first bench, also that happened to the last year I would ever sit in the first bench in my entire life), which brought her to me.

I was just fully awake, when she started slapping me. Out of instinct, I caught her hand and pushed it back and told her it wasn’t me and that I didn’t even know how to whistle. She just wouldn’t listen. She kept asking me, “if not you, the who?”. I couldn’t tell her because I really didn’t know(not that I would have even if I knew). So she went on and so did I. After a while it really got irritating and I told her “how many times do I have to tell you I don’t know, can’t you understand. If you want I will learn how to whistle and then whistle in front of you, then you can trash me, but until then don’t even dare touch me”. I still don’t know if she was shocked enough or just left me because her anger had cooled down, but anyway she let go of me, and fumed out of the class.

However, I wasn’t the one to let things rest, I was too arrogant back then to do so. So I set about learning how to whistle. I went around to guys who I knew, knew to whistle and asked them how they did it, and began my earnest efforts to get it as fast as I could. Somehow, within a week I was able to get some basic tunes and then began to look when I would find maam alone. One fine day, my chance came, was just entering class when she also was. Just called her and whistled the tune of that song, and told her now hit me, I whistled. This took the lid off her. She trashed the daylights out of me, and then dragged me to HM’s office. I was beginning to become a regular there.

Even today when I think of it, I just don’t regret my actions, because it led me into a habit that has benefited me in life. So that’s atleast one thing that I have learned through arrogance, if not from it.

to be continued… … …


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  1. LOL! u whistled @ shruthi raja? haha. in which class were u? she taight us math sucking on a fanola candy! hw much she tempted us. her sis NR was another fabulous teacher!

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