A Prelude To The 5th Standard

Before launching into my account of whatever recollections remain of my 5th Standard, it is important, to emphasise on the circumstances and events that surrounded the times then. This was by far one of the most important years of the development of my character. It taught me a lot of things, none of which I can ever forget.

It taught me the value of friendship, and of the need for friends(or rather the needlessness of it). It taught me about following your calling, no matter what it does to you and the people around you. It taught me about ‘herd mentality’ and the excesses that have always been committed throughout history in its name(communal riots, racial discrimination to name a few). Most important of all, for the first time ever, it taught me about the accountability for my actions.

Be that as it may, I would like to first elaborate on the conditions at that time. The divide between the Ooty guys and Parthi Guys grew really large and there emerged two groups that were called ‘Jigmee’s group’ and ‘Jai Sai’s group(led by Jigmee Lama and T. Jai Sai respectively). And two new students R. Prasanna and Nirupama had joined. Prasanna was put in our Section(B). Later due to a colossal fights between the two sections, Prasanna was shifted to ‘A’ Section.

Fights between the two sections were quite commonplace, both sportive and non-sportive. Shruti maam(no longer at Primary, I am told) was our Class Teacher. This was the year from when we began to learn Sanskrit(never quite got the hang of it, Vaidehi maam, who used to teach us then, came in for a lot of criticism in 6th Class from Bhavani maam, who cringed at the fact that Sanskrit ‘shabdas’ were being taught in a singsong manner).

Overall, it was a year, that ended with many a tear.


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