A New Beginning from the Ashes of Yesterday

A person is born, grows up and dies.

And then there is nothing.

And yet another person is born.

But every man leaves behind a legacy, some parts of his life that stay behind as memories, some others stay behind as a feeling, and there’s still something left behind that stays incognito.

And that is the TRUTH.

The truth about things, where his side of the situation is hidden in his heart, unbeknown to all but himself. This blog attempts to clarify specifically such incidents before it is too late, or before any clarification will cease to make a difference.

It is about the life and times of Thandava Krishna, presently restricted to incidents from school days.

Hope it will clear the fog on many events, though almost nobody would even remember them,
but try as much as i can, i cannot forget them, and hope i never will.

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